Sunday, March 19, 2006

March Madness 2006 part 2

March 17

The story thus far...

George Mason 65, North Carolina 60

-George Mason University (apparently named after a founding father we don't hear much about) took out last year's winner. They are on fire. Back to the drawing board for Roy and the boys..

Atlanta Region

Coming up...
-Arizona and Wisconsin.
Arizona pulled out early and never allowed the Badgers to overtake them, which is the way the Wildcats need to play, if not all of the time, most of the time.

On March 18, the meet "Villainova"-admittedly a good club this year. I admit a certain bias against since they cost Patrick Ewing and his 1985 Georgetowm Hoyas the chance to repeat as NCAA champions.

Again, in this "milk bowl" (both teams are known as the Wildcats) patrolling the boards, hitting the free throws and outlasting will be key.

-Iowa has been on fire lately. It will be interesting to see if they will be the "Gonzaga" this year-the team that goes farther than anyone expected and that shakes the bracket up a lot before they exit.

-Memphis has also been on fire-hence the No. 1 seeding. It may be discriminatory of me but I really don't want a school named after Oral Roberts to make it to the Final Four.

-The Salukis (Southern Illinois and West Virginia are back. Don't know if Pittsnoggle is but if he is, expect to see and hear his name in every commercial and comment.

Yet to play:
(11) San Diego St. 24-8 vs (6) Indiana 18-11

(13) Air Force 24-6 vs (4) Illinois 25-6

(16) Southern 19-12 vs (1) Duke 30-3

(12) Texas A&M 21-8 vs (5) Syracuse 23-11

(12) Utah St. 23-8 vs (5) Washington 24-6

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