Wednesday, February 8, 2006

What I did today

  • I woke up, which is always good.
  • I signed up at BlogHer and hopefully they will add my blog to the blogroll, especially since I added their blogroll to my blog some time ago.
  • It looks like any and all plans I made for V-Day are GO.
  • I discovered the more I see photos of New Order as they look now, the more I think they are goofy looking, which is not a bad thing but it does make it challenging to read the fan newsletter. Actually I think they always look like naughty boys that got caught at something.**
  • I determined that I will see the Grammys because Gorillaz will be in the opening. I don't think that I could sit through the "tribute" to Sly. The Clash tribute and the Funk tribute were all right. I did concede that Bruce Springsteen and the boys' rendition of "London Calling" was actually good.**
  • I decided that I will not waver in my decision to homeschool any future children that I have after hearing about the 6 year old that was suspended for sexual harrassment. **
  • I will totally outline what my funeral service will look like and list what will be allowed and what will not be allowed.**

**=Topics I will expand on either later on today or tomorrow.

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