Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Random Observations

-Last night I spent more time waiting for public transportation than should be allowed. From here on in, i will work more on walking, at least from home to the train station.

-Law and Order SVU (I always call it SUV)was all right. I always find it funny how the show teases with implications of a relationship between Benson and Stabler or between Benson and a female peer such as a cop or a prosecutor. The only critique I have for the show is MORE Richard Belzer. There was a reason why his character has been the favorite of the "cross over artists." The fact that they took his character from Homicide: Life on the Street and placed him with SVU says it all. I would also say MORE Ice-T too but they have rectified that somewhat. Also as i understand it, he is coming out with a new album so he has been preoccupied.

-Apparently, Bonnie and Clyde have gone multicultural:

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