Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My take on...

It is a woman's right to choose. Period.
In terms of a father's right to the unborn child. Honestly, I think that unless children are a definite in the relationship, a man should use protection. Period.
A woman should be responsible about it. She should tell the man as she sees fit.

-Cindy Sheehan
I applaud her for sticking to her convictions. However, she will not likely get what she is seeking. I think the best thing that she could do is to work with the returning veterans who would agree that we should be out of Iraq.

My money is on the insurgents. History has proven that with few exceptions, that cornered mice are a danger to behold. The insurgents have the advantage of knwoledge of the terrain and of pretty much having nothing to lose. They have lines of communication (that is supplies and support) that have yet to be broken and unlikely won't. Basically we are engaged in a war of resources. It will be a question of who will outlast whom. I would rather we leave with a stable situation in place but that will not be likely I think.

-The Sovereignty Bill for Hawaiians
I'm not Hawaiian so I can only speak on what I read. I agree with the measure to an extent. I find it funny that the US will run over and over again the sins of the another country's past but will gloss over its own with a "well that happened back then and things were different." The fact is that US businessmen supported by US military overthrew the Queen of Hawaii. Period. It became a state due to the support of businessmen and others who were largely not Native Hawaiians. An apology was made, which is good. The bill would be a way to address the inequities in their lives that were caused by racism. The bill would grant Native Hawaiians the rights akin to the Native American tribes and Alaskan natives on the mainland. I find myself however, agreeing with the Hawaiian activists that say that total sovereignty (that is secession) is in order.

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