Sunday, May 1, 2005

My thoughts on the Apprentice 3-Episode 14

This is taken from a post I made at another site:

Trump is the funny one. I have watched the tape of that boardroom a few times and I think as Trump was thinking over the track records he probably reflected on the fact that:

A) As badly as Tana screwed up with this task, on the whole she has been a winner and a contributer to winning teams both as PM and as a team player. Trump could probably pick at random moments of her success.
B) Carolyn, Trump and George said that Tana had no fire and may not be able to handle the killers his organization deals with. However, his second Apprentice, Kelly was spoken of as having no fire either but he got hired over the outspoken and combative Jen M, who was described by George as being rough around the edges but a good fit.
C) Alex's last win as project manager was the graffiti project where he benefitted by my girl Tara's overpersonalization.
D) Alex flew under the radar-there was no doubt. Not unlike Chris or last season's Ivana, he got over because someone else committed the greater sin in Trump's eyes. Trump also had to see that in the last boardroom sessions, Alex was a common denominator.
E) Trump respects someone who knows how to defend themselves. Tana brought up the record, which was the one thing that Alex had no defense again. She brought her success as a PM and team player. Trump has the freakish memory. Sometimes he forgets and sometimes he remembers when something sparks it. He also will get fixated on something that he personally disapproves of (Chris's tabacco habit or Season Two Bradford's giving away his immunity or Erin's wisecracking). Then it will come out that he has been paying attention all along. He did notice that Alex and probably remembered the sleeping and so forth and on this task he was like "well she didn't tell me to do marketing..." So much for initiative.

I know that the interviewers will probably bounce Craig. This is exactly good since he can't blame it on anyone. I am hoping he doesn't cry racism because it would not be in this case.

I also note that the last person to be fired from regular competition was a former Magna or "book smarts" player...

Trump as seen over the last two seasons, does not like people who shade their mistakes or who don't admit them. I personally think the latter cost Jen M. the apprenticeship since she defended herself and really did hear what George and Carolyn had to say on what she didn't do right as opposed to Kelly who defended what he did right and acknowledged what he did wrong especiallythe critiques from Carolyn since Carolyn arranges the golf tournaments for a living and he could only benefit from her experience.

Hurray to the mom from Iowa and her beadazzler.

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