Sunday, March 27, 2005

Arizona and getting it done

I was home to watch two of the "elite eight" NCAA finals games and both of the teams that I wanted to win, lost. West Virginia wasn't a loss I took as hard. Louisville was a good team. Arizona's loss broke my heart. They were victimized by the same circumstance that pulled them by Oklahoma State. The Illini were good and defended the boards well.

I wish that I could be there to say to certain teams that if they do not nothing else, they should not let the game go into overtime. Overtime is a risky proposition. While both Arizona and West Virginia manage some spectacular wins in OT, more often than not they get crushed in OT, especially Arizona. Admittedly though, sometimes it is a feeling. I will watch a game and sometimes I think, "Get it to OT." Other times I think, "No, you cannot let this go into OT. Finish them off now." I got that feeling yesterday with the Arizona/Illinois game. I did feel that if Illinois got the 5 minute reprieve, they would catch their second wind, which they did. They took nothing for granted and put points up like there was no tomorrow. Arizona did a great job coming back but time just ran out and at least they could say that it wasn't a rout. They lost only by 1 point, which sometimes is the hardest loss of all. One bucket, one 3 pointer, one foul, one other screen and your destiny could have been different.

The lesson here that I take from the Arizona loss is that you have to get it done now.

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