Thursday, March 17, 2005

Andre Norton died today at 93

Andre Norton died today at 93. She lived almost a century, which is more of a norm today than it was in the past, when she was born.

She is best known as the author of the "Witchworld" series. I finally had the pleasure of reading one of these novels. She was a skillful writer who knew how to hold your attention. The novel that I read was published in 1968, so I made allowances for the conventions that were typical of the 1960s-the cover art with the scantily clad sorceress, the whole "captured princess" scenario.

Though from the old school, Andre recognized the new media by having a website and an email address.

Admittedly, until I read about Marion Zimmer Bradley's untimely death, I thought that Andre was a man. I am glad to be proven wrong.

I hope to live to be 93. I hope also to be able to die with dignity as Ms. Norton did and with pride at what I was able to accomplish.

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